Our Process

Our engagements begin with a strategic review of your data needs, to fully understand the questions to be answered and the sources of value for your users. On an ongoing basis we revisit these strategic questions and translate your data into actionable business insights.

After understanding your data needs, our technology team creates a specialized technology platform made specifically for your members. Our solution integrates seamlessly into existing systems and workflows, creating no extra work for your members so they can continue with their busy day-to-day operations.


Throughout our partnership, you can expect comprehensive onboarding of new members, hands-on project management, and readily accessible technology support.

For financial data, our proprietary technology can translate from 140 accounting systems to compare diverse organizations in an apples-to-apples way. For operational and impact data, we collect data via a survey system, by spreadsheet, or through a custom integration with a customer’s existing systems.

For most users, submitting financial data involves just 10 minutes per quarter of effort, no forms to fill out, and a simple data-submission process. The CoMetrics program allows you to quickly and easily:

  • Compare your operation against top performers
  • Access detailed information for operational decision making, particularly in terms of investments, resource allocation, and budgeting
  • Examine the trends in your business over time and across a wide variety of indicators
  • Track your performance against your peers through a customizable peer-grouping system
  • Highlight areas of your business that could be opportunities for improvement
  • Create detailed reports for use with boards, lenders, or department teams
  • Track your impact, whether social or environmental

CoMetrics data has allowed our members to take collective action with our regulators.  The availability of timely, relevant industry information has helped us keep harmful restrictions at bay.

Dave Holm
Executive Director
Iowa Institute of Cooperatives