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We are seeking high-performing, inspired individuals to help serve our portfolio of independent businesses, cooperatives, and nonprofits. As a virtual company with widespread presence, CoMetrics gives you the flexibility to work from home and benefit from collaborative technology to ensure connection to your colleagues across the U.S.

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Data and Client Lead

Our band of merry misfits

Our band of merry misfits bonded over a shared trait – we have the ethos and heart of a non-profit with the efficiency and financial incentives of a for-profit.  And so we were anointed with the title of a Benefit Corporation, a company whose purpose is to create material and positive impact on society as a for-profit entity.  And so we set forth to…

What we do (actually what we do, not fluffy PR stuff)

CoMetrics builds technology for independent businesses, cooperatives, and nonprofits; so that they can:

  1. Submit financial and operational data into our platform, easily.
  2. Benchmark themselves against their peers on a variety of apples-to-apples metrics.
  3. Use benchmarks to identify specific areas for these enterprises to invest in to improve their business; using data to inform decisions, instead of conjecture.

How we do it (the nuts and bolts)
We partner with umbrella organizations such as business associations, purchasing cooperatives, and buy groups and help their members submit performance metrics into our system. We do this through two means: 1) annual Excel survey uploads and 2) quarterly Trial Balance uploads.

That data is used to light-up a set of web-based reports and data exploration tools.  Our team has deep expertise in accounting, strategy, and technology.  We help clients identify strategically relevant metrics to display using our accumulated knowledge of what drives organizational success.

The team is 100% remote, really?

Really!  We push Slack and GoToMeeting to the max.  We organize work in Asana.  We argue passionately about how to serve our clients and evolve our platform, with a culture of finding higher common ground and being realistic about our constraints.  We appreciate our diverse backgrounds, communicate openly and respectfully, believe strongly in total ownership over our individual responsibilities, and have a culture of looking-out for each other.

And the majority of the company is owned by the team? With the balance owned by our clients?

Yes, really. We are a technology cooperative owned by our members, which are comprised of team members (employees and contractors) and our clients. It’s special. Employees have have a strong voice in how we grow the cooperative and are eligible to receive profit distributions.

Skills & requirements – Data and Client Lead

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping geek with strong financial literacy and an intense interest in how companies organize their financials across industries
  • Fervent data integrity cop
  • Excel master comfortable using available software to get the job done (bonus points for SQL experience)
  • Would enjoy working with detailed charts of accounts from hundreds of independent organizations
  • Kaizen” mindset; willing to stop “the line” to reinvent how we do things
  • Independent project manager and proactive thinker
  • Client management experience a plus
  • Willing to push comfort boundaries to advocate for our clients and users
  • A curious and competent team member who puts teamwork ahead of ego and cares deeply about delivering quality products
  • Along with helping shape the next chapter of CoMetrics, willingness to roll up the sleeves and get the day-to-day work done

Join our team…
We are growing quickly and seeking candidates that are up for a challenge, ready to learn. 

Please submit your resume by clicking on this link and briefly, send and email to and let us know: 

  1. What financial accounting topic is at the top of your list of things to learn?
  2. What’s something specific in the world of finance that you learned in the past 6 months that could help independent businesses, cooperatives, and / or nonprofits?