Data is a strategic asset, and you can harness it

We live in a data-driven world. For Fortune 500 companies, the value of data is clear and compelling. They invest millions of dollars annually in information systems that improve their performance and outcomes. Independent businesses, cooperatives and nonprofit organizations have the same need for data but haven’t had as many tools at their disposal. At CoMetrics, our mission is to change that paradigm.


CoMetrics tools are designed to make collecting, displaying and analyzing data easy for your organization. Our timely, accurate and accessible solutions address financial, operational, and impact performance.

Our Products

CoScore Matrix

20160309 CoScore

The powerful CoScore Matrix provides a consolidated and easy-to-use view of organization performance across a cohort of enterprises, combining both financial and non-financial data. This tool gives you the opportunity to monitor risk, identify high performing enterprises and highlight areas to improve while creating opportunities to share and learn best practices. This tool is particularly useful when looking across cooperatives or investment portfolios.


20160309 Benchmarking

Our benchmarking tools allow each independent enterprise to drill down and analyze their performance in the context of their peers. Depending on privacy settings determined by the user(s), enterprises within a cohort can also contact one another directly and create opportunities to learn best practices from high performers.

Portfolio Monitoring

20160309 Direct Investment Portfolio

Our Portfolio Monitoring tools keep our users informed of the compliance and performance of their members or investees. Users can quickly view all members or investees and identify those that are not in compliance with set standards. Users also have the ability to easily cut the data in order to view one data point for all members across a specified time period.

Portfolio Tear Sheets 

From the Portfolio Monitoring interface, users have the ability to drill-down into the performance of each individual enterprise across both financial and non-financial metrics.

Historical Trends

20160309 Trends

With the CoMetrics Historical Trends tool, enterprises have the ability to view and monitor detailed financial trends over time. We have found that the Historical Trends tool allows enterprises to save valuable time and resources devoted to tracking important financial and operating metrics in order to focus their attention on generating insights to drive positive performance.


Each of the CoMetrics products is designed to produce a range of valuable management reports, including reports for lenders, investors, and board members.

Our Strengths

We believe that data is only as valuable as the strategy that drives its use. That is why our first step with every partner is working with you to identify and understand how data could create tangible value within your organization or enterprise. For example, CoMetrics has a proven track record of using data to strengthen organizations and sectors by:

  • Building practice communities
  • Revealing best practices
  • Leveraging purchasing power
  • Improving operations
  • Conducting deeper measurement of social outcomes
  • Making data-informed decisions that yield powerful results
  • Improving risk management of a portfolio of impact investments
  • Supporting collaborative buying or collective action

Anonymity and Security

CoMetrics users and partners have the ability to customize anonymity and privacy settings depending on the needs of the cohort. We are transparent about our security policy and are committed to maintaining our industry-standard encryption, secure data center, high-quality firewalls, data isolation, and complex passwords. [Click here to learn more]

CoMetrics data has allowed our members to take collective action with our regulators.  The availability of timely, relevant industry information has helped us keep harmful restrictions at bay.

Dave Holm
Executive Director
Iowa Institute of Cooperatives