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Jenn Hileman

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Director of Operations

Jenn joined CoMetrics in 2023 as the Director of Operations. She’s always had a passion for technology and data and has leveraged this for over 25 years to grow the companies she worked for. Before CoMetrics, Jenn spent nine years at National Co+op Grocers (NCG), where she led critical business initiatives – her three favorites were implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, creating a Digital Invoice program that leveraged EDI technology (in partnership with LBMX), and building a Customer Experience program for natural food co-ops (in collaboration with Service Management Group). Before this, Jenn worked in retail, using her project management skills in various ways, including building brick-and-mortar retail stores and leveraging different retail technologies to transform operations. Jenn is a classically trained musician (Oboe and Vocal performance) who decided that working with technology and data is a better way to pay the bills. When not thinking about nerdy things, Jenn likes gardening, gaming (PC and tabletop), and hanging out with her dogs.